1. Hello, are you doing? Where do you come from?
Riley Briggs: - Doing fine thanks.
I come from a small village near Edinburgh called Athelstaneford.

2. How did you come up with the name Aberfeldy?
We named the band after the town (in Perthshire, Scotland). There are bands called Texas, Boston, Asia, America etc. We're more modest!

3. When have you started to play music? Would you like to tell us about your first musical experiences?
My dad and brother both play the drums and my mum is a folk singer so there was a lot of music in the house. I taught myself the guitar aged 10. I formed my first band at school. It wasn't very good.

4. What artists or bands have had the biggest impact on you? What are your favourites currently?
I saw the legendary guitarist Wizz Jones play a couple of years ago and he made me weep, he was brilliant. I went out afterwards and got myself thrown out of a trashy disco, blind drunk. I felt like Hemingway.

5. To what is your new album "Young Forever" inspired? Which are the motivations, which have lead you to realise such album? Which are its musical contents? Which kind of atmosphere have you underlined most?
The usual stuff ie heartache, unrequited love, UFO abduction. Musically I don't think it sounds too much like anyone else.

6. How does an album of yours born? What does it happen in studio recording?
We recorded the album using only one microphone, positioned in the centre of the room. Everything you hear on it is "live", ie no overdubs. We put cardboard and other stuff on the drums to keep them quiet, and had the vocals, guitar, fiddle etc as close to the mic as possible. It's difficult at first but we got used to it. Don't try it at home though, kids. You need a very patient producer.

7. Which moods do you like to spread most to the listeners? And which emotions do you suppose the listeners will feel listening your music?
I think people get a nice warm, safe fuzzy feeling from some of the songs, but if "Young Forever" were to become the soundtrack to an angry anarchist uprising and overthrow of the state and its institutions I wouldn't mind at all.

8. How would you describe your sound overall?
Folky pop is the best I can do, sorry.

9. How was the album received by the press and audience?
Most of the reviews I've read have been favourable. Even the NME liked it, to our amazement. A lot of people seem a bit offended by the cover art. You can't please everyone.

10. How was it been working with Rough Trade?
A nicer record label would be nigh on impossible to find.

11. What are you listening to these days?
Turbonegro, Serial POP, Alleschwindel, Hidden Cameras, DominicWaxing Lyrical, Ambrose and His Orchestra, Survivor, James Yorkeston.

12. What's your opinion about the world around you and its near future?
Just draw us your subjective image of it.
The world doesn't seem to get less scary, does it? I don't think about it, it freaks me out.

13. Future projects?
Another Aberfeldy album, using more than one microphone this time. We'll probably put out another single from this one first, possibly with a video of some kind. Lots of touring too.

14. Is there anything else you would like to mention about you?
No, I've given away too much already.

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