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Podcast Production

Technology and digital communication is moving more and more into the audible domain. Podcasts, voice, smart speakers, connected cars and audiobooks are all becoming integrated parts of our media consumption. Lately, e-commerce and online shops also jumped the audio wagon.

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podcasting and the value it can bring.

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Information travels fast, often without a screen directly in front of our eyes. Instead, we use our ears to get news, information, entertainment and other forms of content - where and whenever we want.

Simply put, podcasts engages an audience, drives sales and boost your marketing - even to a small and very specific target group.

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B2B marketing through the ears​

We're not saying that podcasting is booming...the numbers are. According to a recent study from Statistics Denmark 40% of all Danes (aged 16-74) have listened to a podcast during the last 3 months. 


When done right, this is a golden opportunity for brands to reach an audience that is all ears and eager to consume engaging (and commute-friendly) content.

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