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Haldor Topsøe

As part of their new content marketing strategy Haldor Topsøe, a global leader in catalysis, turned to podcasting. The result was the very succesfull podcast series "Fuel For Thoughts" which went into a second season and proved how fantastic audio can be at conveying highly specialized B2B content.

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A podcast about renewables

As the general consumption of audio is on a rise brands and companies are beginning to tap into this new opportunity. It used to be seen as only entertainment and "radio on demand" but "Fuel For Thoughts" by Haldor Topsøe is a great example of how podcast also can work as an ideal platform for B2B communication.

Produced in co-creation with the Haldor Topsøe team and their agency Klausen+Partners we've rolled out two seasons with remote interviews, roundtable discussions and bespoke music. Explore more of our work

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Haldor Topsøe - "Fuel for Thoughts" podcast.
Haldor Topsøe - "Fuel for Thoughts" podcast.

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