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We design sonic brands

for the digital age

As sound and music are now essential parts of a 360° brand experience the need for brands, products and broadcasters to find their own voice and sonic identity has never been bigger. Because who wants only to be seen and not heard?


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Sonic Identity

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The impact of music

The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words. We say that music is worth a thousand pictures.

In this little film about the impact of music our own Daniel Schougaard is talking about our approach to music creation and why music is so good at capturing and engaging an audience.

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Audible Brand Audit

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"It’s been a great joy to collaborate with Unmute on translating the Novo Nordisk brand into sound and music and bring our new sonic identity to life."

Rikke Fabricius, Novo Nordisk

"In order to create a sound identity and build a sonic architecture around it we needed a partner who truly understands our brand and the complexity of a large organisation like ours. In Unmute we found that partner.”

Anders Thulin, Head of DR Design

"Unmute managed to come up with a strong sonic branding concept and - through an iterative and collaborative process - translate our brand and vision into sound. Highly recommendable."

Kristina Kvist Mikkelsen, YouTV

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