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Speak & Voiceover

A central element in every sonic brand is the choice of voice that adds an instant humanly relatable feature to the perception of brand, campaign or product - and choosing the right voice for your next video, radio commercial, service announcement, podcast etc. can be decisive for a successful end result.

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Reach out to Anders Poulsen to learn more about

voices and the value it can bring.

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Speak and voicevoer - sonic branding

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Casting, booking and recording - in a few clicks​


Looking for the right voiceover or speak to your next project? We offer an extensive online voice platform that gives you instant access to a wide collection of speakers to choose from.


Our thoroughly curated roster of voice talents, men and women of all ages, languages and types can be casted and booked in a few clicks. 

Visit our online voice database​

Producing from home or remote


Besides casting and booking we also have state-of-the-art facilities for production of voiceovers - with equal focus on sound quality, the speaker’s work environment and optimal client service.​

And of course we can also have remote recording sessions across borders and time zones without compromising the quality. This means that everything is handled 100% online - from production to final delivery.

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Speak and voiceover
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