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As part of a comprehensive visual rebranding, and for the first time ever, Novo Nordisk set out to unfold their audible potential and create a unifying sonic identity. Being a leading global healthcare company, Novo Nordisk is a vital part of millions of patients' lives everyday. Therefore the brand turned to sound and music - the most powerful way to create an emotional connection.

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Introducing The Sound of Novo Nordisk

Together with Novo Nordisk brand stakeholders Unmute has formed a complex sonic architecture covering multiple touchpoints across many markets and divisions.


Key to the sonic identity is the sonic logo created to reflect a sense of “driving change.” A simple musical progression developing towards a state of balance – melodically, and harmonically. An audible symbol of the positive change Novo Nordisk wants for patients, their families and society.


As the key musical instrument a cello has been used because of it classical yet contemporary attributions and its audible range being very close to the human voice.


Besides a sonic logo and various brand music the new sonic identity of Novo Nordisk will also be rolled out as UX sounds in apps, in podcasts and at various events and presentations. All in all to give the Novo Nordisk brand a new sonic dimension and a clear definition of “The Sound of Novo Nordisk”.

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