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Sonic Branding

As sound is playing a bigger and bigger role in today's media landscape, a unifying sonic brand heightens the recognizability, strengthens brand perception and secures a consistent brand experience – across touchpoints and in tune with your audience. We design your sonic identity and execute your sonic branding strategy.

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sound identity and the value it can bring.

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Not just seen

Sonic branding agency - Unmute

Be heard

Is your brand worth listening to?


We all know it works. That little soundbite that gets stuck on repeat in your inner ear. Or that song again that makes your head bop to the rhythm. Sound and music can be very memorable and trigger us to react, recognize or evoke emotions and memories.

Sonic Branding, Audio Branding, Sound Branding...Yes, many names are used to describe the same basic principle: expressing the emotions and values of a brand through sound and music and thereby increase brand attribution, recall and affinity.


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An audible brand leaves a stronger impression

As brands are communicating and creating content in formats increasingly carried by sound, the relevance of utilizing a brand's audible potential is steadily growing. You won’t hear us say it’s the most important thing. Just very important.

Our process is iterative and based on co-creation and a well-documented methodology. The result: exclusive, unique and distinctive brand assets to future proof your communication and identity. 


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Audible Brand Touchpoints
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