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Bespoke Music

Music is like gravity. An invisible force that pushes and pulls the audience. It is an index of identity and culture and it induces a sense of unity and builds recognizability. All in all, examples of what we call the superpowers of music. And something we're experts in delivering.

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bespoke music and the value it can bring.

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Levitate your content with custom-made music

Music has the power to move us and affect our moods. You can use this knowledge to convey messages to your audience and evoke emotion that helps us connect with the brand. Like gravity. An invisible force that pushes and pulls the audience.

We deliver bespoke and custom-made music in all styles and genres suited for all creative needs, timeframes and budget sizes.

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According to a recent study by Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience, TV ads aren’t seen 61% of the time - especially due to the presence of a “second screen” such as a mobile phone or a tablet.


This means that brands are even more dependent on their sound and music and how they connect with their audience through the ears - be it for a film, video, podcast, radio ad, event or similar.

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