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Audio Post Production

Life is an experience - and sound is an integral part of it. Because what good are beautiful pictures if the dialogue accompanying them is difficult to hear? And how will your message come across if the sound is noisy and in poor quality? From our high-end sound studios we cover all aspects of audio post production.

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The power of sound

Sound plays an important role in TV and film and it is essential in order to achieve a complete end result. It can enhance the narrative of your film, adding value to the overall experience.

Audio post production covers all aspects of the final sound and we deliver flexible and dynamic solutions that translate your vision, idea and concept into sound – according to your brief and within the established timeframe.

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Audio post can be:

  • Sound design - Creating audio elements such as sound effects, foley, and soundscapes.


  • Sound editing & restoration - Adjusting and fixing recorded sound such as voiceover, sound on set and music.


  • Mix & mastering - Creating the final sound mix often between elements like music, sound on set, foley and voiceover, followed by the final sound master to match any broadcast standards.

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