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UX/UI Sound Design

Our digital life is becoming increasingly audible as new innovations emerge and the bleeps, dings and swooshes of our phones and tablets today marks the beginning of a prosperous tomorrow. At the centre of it all, engaging sound design experiences are bridging the gap between UX, brand and marketing.

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sound UX and the value it can bring.

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Sound UX deisgn with Unmute


Create audible brand moments


Sound on digital platforms creates interaction incentives through an audible sense of achievement and rewarding feedback. It can ease navigation, strengthen the usability and improve the overall user experience. It adds value to any digital device and gives it a personality fitting both the product and brand. 


This makes sound equivalent to other design components - and a key part of the equation when creating successful user experiences.

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Don't settle for generic, built-in system sounds

  • Users find digital interaction on mobile 37% more appealing when an essential action or feedback is supported by sound.

  • Users find that experiences utilising bespoke sound design has more personality and is rated more trustworthy. 

  • Users prefer experiences featuring bespoke sound design over generic sound in 53% of cases.

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