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Being a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, KONE set out to develop a new sonic identity as part of an overall brand refresh. Unmute was chosen as their sonic branding partner and together with design agency Manyone we have sonically brought the KONE brand to life.

Improve the flow of urban life​


The KONE sonic identity is a proprietary system of distinct audible brand assets created with a cohesive sonic expression designed to convey the unique brand personality and amplify the KONE brand experience in the realm of sound.


With this strategic use of sound and music KONE is taking another significant step towards stronger brand recognition in securing a coherent and recognisable sonic profile across touchpoints.


All melodic, harmonic, rhythmic and sonic elements and flavours defining the KONE audible experience are carefully chosen to strike a balanced sound world that points towards the KONE Experience Drivers: sense of life, sense of flow and sense of trust infused with an authentic, human, energetic and inspiring edge.

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