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With roots in Sandviken, Sweden, Alleima emerges as a new global brand, proudly upholding a 160-year legacy. To be forward-leaning and ahead of the competition Alleima is dedicated to deliver a unique, memorable and holistic brand experience that goes beyond just the visuals. Therefore we are proud to now unveil the Alleima Sonic Identity - developed in close collaboration with Unmute.

Forged from the past, engineered for the future​


The Alleima Sonic Branding is created around a distinct sonic palette of authentic instrumentation and contemporary sound design that draws inspiration from the materials, textures and spaces reflective of the brand’s origin story. These elements help create a sonic logo and a style of music that is recognizable, yet unique. Bold, yet ambient. Refined, yet energetic.

For Alleima this opens up new opportunities to convey a range of emotions and narratives across multiple touchpoints with maximum creative flexibility. This is not just a set of sounds but a strategic use of brand assets to build and retain brand recognition and affinity over time.

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