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Aqua d'Or has launched a new campaign with two of their most popular products: Sparkles and Ice Tea. The campaign champions unity and diversity as it focuses on the many different flavors available. Unmute has created a colorful sonic identity to support this refreshing message.

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A Sparkling Collaboration​


The overarching goal for us was to add a sonic dimension to the visual design and concept, created by the talented people at Everland, and to find a way to translate the new Aqua d'Or strategy into sound and music.


Therefore we created a unique set of sounds to audibly convey the sparkling and bobbly feeling Aqua d'Or is so known for. These sounds were then integrated in the music to form a holistic and musical sound design, also highlighting the big variation of tastes both for Sparkling and Ice Tea. All in all: new sonic branding as a result of a sparkling collaboration.

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