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Brand Experience Agency, Avantgarde London, has launched Oliography - a specially designed website for Acesur's famous olive oil brand La Española. We've had the pleasure of creating the soundtrack and a complete sonic universe for it.

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Reach out to Daniel Schougaard to learn more about this project 

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+45 31313788

The sound of a Spanish olive farm 

The result is an immersive online experience showcasing the history and the production process of La Española's famous olive oil. The site is accessed through a QR code placed on a necktie on each bottle with a lot number referring to specific harvesting regions, milling and bottling plants.


Our job was to audibly reflect the feeling of actually being on an olive farm in Andalusia watching the process first hand - through music and sound design. And thereby create a holistic and authentic user as well as brand experience.


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