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Audio Branding As A Marketing Tool

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Marketeers are often asked about the return on investment (ROI) of various marketing strategies. One strategy that is often overlooked, but has significant potential for ROI, is audio branding.

Use audio branding to create awareness

What is audio branding?

Audio branding, or sonic branding, is the strategic use of sound and music to create a unique identity for a brand. This can include the creation of bespoke music, UX/UI sounds and sound logo that are consistently used across a brand's marketing channels, such as TV, radio ads, online videos and social media content.

The goal is to create a memorable and distinctive audio identity that helps a brand stand out in a crowded marketplace and reinforces its key values and messaging.

Why Is Audio Branding Important?

Audio branding is becoming increasingly important in today's digital world, where attention spans are shorter and competition is fiercer than ever. Research has shown that audio can be a more powerful tool for creating emotional connections with customers than visual or text-based content alone.

Here are some numbers to back this up:

  • According to a study by Pandora and Edison Research, audio ads were found to be more memorable than display or video ads, with 41% of participants remembering audio ads versus 35% for video ads and 31% for display ads.

  • Another study by Nielsen found that audio ads on mobile devices had a higher brand recall rate than visual ads, with 74% of participants recalling the brand from an audio ad versus 63% from a visual ad.

  • A study by the Audio Branding Academy found that audio branding can boost brand recall by up to 96%, and that it can increase the likelihood of a purchase by up to 72%.

  • A study by IPG Media Lab and MAGNA found that using audio in digital advertising resulted in a 20% increase in ad recall, a 10% increase in purchase intent, and a 7% increase in message retention compared to ads without audio.

  • In a survey of over 1,000 consumers, 83% of respondents agreed that sound or music could make a brand feel more memorable, while 82% agreed that sound or music could evoke emotions and create connections with a brand. (Source: PHMG)

  • A study by the CMO Council found that 68% of consumers believe that sound quality is important in creating a positive experience with a brand.

In addition, audio branding can help brands differentiate themselves from their competitors and create a more cohesive brand experience across different touchpoints.

Change customer behaviour with audio branding

How Does Audio Branding Deliver ROI?

Now that we understand the importance of audio branding, let's dive into how it can deliver a strong ROI for brands. Here are three ways that audio branding can drive results:

Increased brand recognition and recall

As mentioned earlier, audio branding can increase brand recall by up to 96%. This means that when consumers hear your brand's audio identity, they are more likely to remember your brand and its key messaging. This can lead to increased brand recognition, which is a critical factor in driving customer engagement and loyalty over time.

You can close your eyes, but you can't close your ears

Hearing is often referred to as the human "superpower" and a fundamental part of our alarm system. This means you can hear through walls and around corners. And you can hear what's going on behind you without even looking at it. So even though you're not looking t the TV for instance, you'll still register the audio. Especially nowadays as most ads are not being watched due to the presence of a second screen, the way your ad sounds has become increasingly important.

More effective advertising

Finally, a distinctive audio identity can make advertising more effective by increasing the likelihood of a purchase. As mentioned earlier it can increase the likelihood of a purchase by up to 72%. When consumers hear a consistent and memorable audio identity, they find the brand more trustworthy and are more likely to associate it with positive feelings. In addition, audio branding can help cut through the clutter of traditional advertising by creating a more distinctive and memorable brand experience.


In conclusion, audio branding is an important marketing tool that can deliver a strong ROI for brands. By creating a unique and consistent audio identity, brands can increase brand recognition and recall, improve the customer experience, and make advertising more effective. As competition continues to increase in the digital world sound and music are becoming an essential components for brands that want to stand out and create a more memorable and engaging brand experience for their customers.


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