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Ever since we started Unmute we’ve dreamt of creating the music for TV Avisen, the most iconic news programme in Denmark. And now it has happened. As part of a brand refresh and new strategy DR has re-launched TV Avisen and added TVA LIVE, a 24h online news channel, to the mix. And we've delivered a full sonic broadcast package to it all.

Challenge The Status Quo 

The brief was simple yet challenging:

- Make it short and concise to fit the new standards of digital media.

- Make it new and fresh, but with a dimension of familiarity.

- Stay within the news genre, but avoid the dramatic news jingle clichés.

- Honour the legacy of TV Avisen through time.

- Be in tune with the overall sonic identity of DR

This marks the provisional high point in our long lasting partnership with DR and especially DR Design in developing and unfolding “The Sound of DR” and we want to thank everyone involved in this amazing project.

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